The sustainable fishing dream

As a devoted angler, Per Jobs saw the potential in Gotland's 500-mile coastline and its excellent conditions for sea trout fishing. On the otherwise so famous island for summer vacations, Per turned the autumn and spring to high season for anglers from all over the world. The primary success factor describes Per with a single word: sustainability.

"I moved from Dalarna to Gotland just because of the fine fishing," says Per Jobs, who launched successful company FishYourDream twelve years ago.

"I was hoping that someone would offer guided fishing trips, but time went by, and nothing happened. So then I did it myself.

Per Jobs, the man behind FishYourDream and Björk Experience. Photo: Anna-Maria Persson


The business developed rapidly, and guests were flocking to experience the world-class angling. "The home market has previously been accustomed to doing everything yourself in forest and land, it has probably contributed to the development of comparatively slow. Now, many guests have less time and therefore an increased need for help finding excellent fishing and other activities in nature. Then they turn to organizers like Nature's Best.

To offer fishing all year round, FishYourDream also owns the Tjuonajokk fishing camp in Norrbotten County, as well as Ammarnäs inn and fishing center in Västerbotten County.

"It's a cross-fertilization that is good for marketing," says Per Jobs. Swedish and international guests want's try our other destinations, and this secures our guides get safer employment throughout the whole year.


What initiatives do you work with related to nature and culture?

-We work on wide-range fisheries management. We teach people, our guests primarily, to fish and handle fish in a sustainable way. Also, we cooperate in fisheries management with county administrative boards. In Norrbotten and Västerbotten we collaborate on fisheries supervision, and we fly out to places where they do not have time to supervise. Besides, we have different events every year and donate money for a particular purpose. We call it The cause -a good deed. Last year, Fårösund angling club received all the proceeds from an event. This year we have bought a great knife by a Sami craftsman in Kaitum. It is a unique FishYourDream knife we are auctioning this summer. The money brought in by the auction are given to Älvräddarna -The river rescuers. My staff has already offered 10,000 SEK together. On the web, similar knives go for 40,000 SEK.


What made you want to become an eco-tourism entrepreneur?

-It was my own fishing interest, of course, my passion for sustainable fishing. If fishing is not sustainable, you'll saw off the branch you're sitting on. It is obvious when managing a resource like fish.


What benefits do you get from being a quality labeled Nature's Best company?

- The quality label shows customers that we make an effort and care, it shows who we are. Also, it provides a good network of partners you can discuss and get inspired by. Nature's Best has also given us valuable visibility in different channels.


Do you notice an increased demand for sustainable experiences?

- Yes. Sustainability and quality go hand in hand. If you let the sustainability concept permeate the experience, you get a more refined and high-quality experience.


Nature's Best contains six codes of conduct. How do you communicate these as added values to your guests?

-We communicate the experience and what it stands for. Nature conservation, environmental adaptation and supporting the local economy permeate all the details when we create our products and meet with customers.


Kicki Lind 2018-07-17




Company Name and Place: FishYourDream AB, Gotland, Tjuonajokk och  Ammarnäs.


Vision: Become the biggest in Europe to help people enjoy sports fishing in a sustainable way.

Who is behind the company: Per Jobs, founder, and majority owner.


Business focus: Angling with related services such as transportation, food, tours, and accommodation.


Started: 2006


Turnover 2017: 7 100 000 SEK


Employees: 15 seasonal employees. 4 full-time employees.