Porpoise safari at Kullaberg – A fruitful cooperation

The close cooperation between the Kullabergsguiderna, Kullaberg Nature Reserve and the County Administrative Board in Skåne benefits from Sweden's own little whale - The Porpoise.

Kullaberg is the name of both the mountain that lies furthest out on the peninsula Kullen in northwestern Skåne and on the nature reserve that is located on and the surrounding area of the mountain Kullaberg. The site is popular for visitors from near and far to enjoy cliffs, tall beech forests, scenic views - and porpoises.

"The environment feels almost tropical," says David Arborelius, site manager at Kullabergsguiderna. You forget that you are in Sweden.

David started at Kullaberg seven years ago with a summer job. Today, he and his colleague Emil Lindvall are the new operators of Kullabergsguiderna.


- We produce so-called soft adventures. The treasure hunt is a favourite activity for families with smaller children, A thrilling cliff repelling fits everyone from 5-6 years and upwards. Our mission is that with the help of different inspiring activities bring out more people in nature.

The porpoise safari is the activity that attracts most visitors. With RIB-boat and guide, the guests travel along the coast for a chance to encounter the small whale, and according to David, you can see porpoises on eight tours of ten. During peak summer season, there are six tours a day.

To extend the season, a project at Kullaberg is also taking place with tailored-made activities for schools, newly arrived immigrants, retirees and people with disabilities.

"The idea is that with experienced guides and inspirational activities adapted to the target group, we will bring more people into nature all year long.


What initiatives do you work with related to nature and culture?

"We have close cooperation with the county administrative board and Visitor centers. Together we make sure that people visiting the visitor center get a chance to visit the nature itself. We also have a close dialogue with Swedish and Danish researchers and assist them with statistics and reports on porpoises. We have noted a slight, weak increase but the porpoises are still a threatened species. The biggest problem is all the plastic in the water and all the ghost nets that cause the porpoise to drown.


What did you want to become an eco-tourism entrepreneur?

"I was not personally involved in the process that the previous owners made a choice. Nature's Best is entirely in line with the way we want to work, and our porpoise safari meets the criteria with a great deal.


On the lookout for porpoises. Photo: Kullabergsguiderna

What benefits do you get from being a quality labeled Nature's Best company?

- We have no statistics that we get more visitors thanks to Nature's Best, but many guests comment on it and think it's very good. The label means that we are seen as professional and responsible. For us as an organizer, it feels good to be able to say and show that we work in this way.


Do you notice an increased demand for sustainable experiences?

- Sustainability is demanded more and more, not only in tourism but in society at large. The general public's lack of awareness is still significant. Most people know that we all need to recycle our trash, but many do not make the connection that everything we use and throw away ends up in nature and affect biodiversity in some way or another. When we tell our guests on the tours that the porpoises are a threatened species and why, we awaken insights that last for a long time.


Nature's Best contains six codes of conduct. How do you communicate these as added values to your guests?

- We inform our guests on the website that we are working with Nature's Best criteria, but that is not something we mention when we are out on our tours. Perhaps something that we need to emphasize in the future.

Kicki Lind 2018-06-26



Company Name and Place: Kullabergsguiderna AB, Mölle

Vision: To care and give all Kullaberg visitors a valuable and unforgettable memory of the beautiful Kullaberg to bring home to relatives and friends.

Who is behind the company / owner: David Arborelius and Emil Lindvall

Business focus: Nature Tourism

Started: 1996

Turnover 2017: 1 305 000 SEK

Employees: 6 seasonal employees over the summer.