Mörrums River, more than just fishing

For their substantial nature conservation, excellent hospitality and fruitful research collaborations, Mörrum Kronolaxfiske was awarded the 2018 Grand Ecotourism Prize. Now the aim is to re-enforce nature and culture conservation work even further.

"We have recently rewritten our vision," says Ida-Maria Rigoll, the site manager at Mörrums Kronolaxfiske. So far, fishing license sales have been our biggest source of income, but in fact, only a fraction of our visitors want to fish. We are much more than an angling destination.

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske attracts fishers from all over the world with its famous salmon and sea trout fishing. In total, the facility with restaurant, conference, exhibition, shop and grand surrounding nature has approximately 250,000 visitors annually. Visitors are estimated to generate almost 100 million SEK annually in sales and create more than fifty job openings in the local business sector. – Our new vision is that we will "deliver sustainable nature experiences at Sweden's most beautiful fishing waters," says Ida-Maria.

Ida-Maria Rigoll, site manager at Mörrums Kronolaxfiske

Many of the visitors want to enjoy the beautiful nature. Along the Mörrum river, there are several nature reserves, and the entire river is a protected Natura 2000 area. The "Laxaleden" is a popular 30k hiking trail with Mörrum River as the central theme. We are now working on developing both guided tours, hostels and nature camping. We believe we have great opportunities to expand our business.

Fly-fishing in Mörrumsån. Photo: Mörrums Kronolaxfiske

In order to improve biodiversity, Mörrums Kronolaxfiske contributes with considerable resources each year to, together with the County Administrative Board, restore the human impact that has affected Mörrums river for almost 100 years. In 2019, a second important step will be taken when the hydroelectric power plant in Marieberg is to be demolished and open up additional play and growing areas for salmon and trout. – The landowners must, of course, be on onboard too, Ida-Maria emphasizes. Working on a broader approach and together with others means that everyone involved has a lot to win.

What made you want to become an eco-tourism entrepreneur?

– We think it's the only way to go. It’s in line with what we want and what our guests feel is important. We take responsibility for our products and try to make them as sustainable as possible.

What benefits do you get from being quality labeled with Nature's Best?–  Many guests are actively looking for quality labels and are familiar with Nature's Best. We entrepreneurs who are labeled can come together and benefit from each other.

Do you notice an increased demand for sustainable experiences?–  Yes absolutely. Sustainability is demanded both regarding the activity itself, but also on accommodation and how to get to us.

Nature's Best contains six codes of conduct. How do you communicate these as an added value to your guests? – It's something we'll get better at. We must make sure to use the quality label in more contexts; on our website, in social media and when we talk with our guests. When all the labeled entrepreneurs do that, it makes us stronger together.

How can nature- and eco-tourism companies contribute to meeting the UN's global sustainability goals (according to Agenda 2030)? – The tourism industry generates large sums of money and jobs and has a huge development potential. We try setting a good example; that it’s indeed possible to make things both sustainable and profitable.


By: Kicki Lind 2018-05-21


Company name and location: Mörrums Kronolaxfiske – Mörrum

Vision: To deliver sustainable nature experiences at Sweden’s most beautiful fishing waters

Who’s behind the company: Sveaskog

Business direction: Fishing/nature experiences

Start: 1941

Turnover volume 2017: 8,5 millions SEK

Result 2017: – 400 000 SEK

Employees : 9


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