Wolf tracking tour on snowshoes – 2 full days of wolf tracking

Back in the day, snowshoes were essential tools for anyone whose life or living depends on the ability to get by and around in areas of deep snow. By distributing your weight over a larger area, the snowshoes keeps you from sinking and are ideal for excursions into wolf territories.

Local and experienced wildlife guide Mikael Nilsson takes you for two-day wolf tour in the Wildlife Reserve of Malingsbo-Kloten. Wolf territories are named after the territory's geographical center point. The village Kloten's central location has resulted in the territory taking the name, "The Kloten Wolf Territory."

During the tour, You get to know the basics of wild animal tracking, and how to identify which animals have crossed our tracks before us. We follow wolf tracks and gain an insight into the daily life of the wolf (Canis lupus).

As the darkness falls over the wolf territory, we head back to the Kloten's Wilderness Lodge for a two-course meal made with delicacies from the local pantry. The evening is rounded off with tales of wild animals and snowshoeing in the warm and friendly ambiance in front of the lodge's fireplace.

The comfortable beds at Wilderness Lodge assure that you wake up well-rested for another day of excursions in wolf territory.

Available Mid-January to mid-March. Scheduled dates on Nordic Discovery’s website.

Nordic Discovery

Information & Pricing

Nordic Discovery
Mid-January to mid-March. Scheduled dates on Nordic Discovery’s website. -
2 days
2-8 persons
3 350 SEK
2 full days guided wolf tracking on snowshoes, 2 wilderness picnic lunches, a two-course dinner, one-night in a double room, sheets, towels, and breakfast
At Kloten wilderness Lodge

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