Wolf safari in Bergslagen

Telltale tracks, chilling howls in the moonlit night, and the chance of a rare glimpse of the wolf is what you came for. Tension is high in the group as you trek into one of the wolf territories in Västmanland. It is the smallest territory for a wolf pack in Sweden. Chances are good to experience close encounters. In an old forest dwelling with windows on all sides, you can look out across the marshlands and at the same time enjoy good food and new friendship with people with the same fascination for the wolf.

Say the word wolf, and it immediately sparks off imagination and opinions. The wolf is Europe’s most charismatic, feared and fiercely debated animal. At the same time, it is an animal we know very little about. This tour gives you the opportunity to learn more and to walk in the footsteps of the wolf.

It all starts with a hearty lunch. The trek then heads into the heart of the wolf pack territory, and the wolf watching outpost is strategically situated in the middle of wolf land. New paw tracks and other telltale signs will be there so you can tell the wolves are close by and keeping you under surveillance. This is an animal with little faith in man’s goodwill, and wolves are smart enough to stay out of the way. Before taking up the post in the hut, you venture out into the forest in the evening. Here there is plenty of moose and dear - pray for a wolf. Foxes thrive here, too. And in the night you might also hear the sounds of exotic forest birds like the Ural owl, Tengmalm’s owl or Pygmy Owl.

You spend the night in the forest hut, keeping warm with the little kerosene stove, patrolling the windows that have good photo opportunities in all directions. Your wolf guide has first-hand knowledge of the wolf pack and will fill you in on all the details. And of course, a nice dinner is served in the hut while you watch what is going on outside. Sleeping bags, mats, and torches are available in the hut. In the morning after breakfast, you set out for a long trek, investigating the territory of the wolf pack.


Nordic Safari

Information & Pricing

Nordic Safari
2-4 persons
2 750 SEK
Local transport, lunch, dinner, breakfast, guided walk in wolf territory. Sleeping bag, mat and torch are in the hide.
In a sleeping bag in a wolf hide/cabin with beds a kerosene stove.
None. Physically fit.

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