Wolf howling with night in tent

Wolves are without a doubt fascinating animals that attract people's interest more than any other wildlife in the Swedish ecosystem. Mysterious, charismatic, wild and powerful – they stir our imagination, interest, and passion. The skilled guides will take you close to one of the local Wolf packs.

We travel together by foot and by car in small groups under skilled guidance in one of Sweden´s wolf territories. You will have big chances to hear Wolves howl, see tracks and feel their presence. While few people ever get the chance to actually see a wolf, many of WildSwedens guests have listened to wolves’ howling, and hearing a wolf pack howl in their natural habitat certainly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The tour is in cooperation with researchers from the Scandinavian Wolf Project based at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station. Grimsö is Sweden’s leading research center for predators such as Lynx, Brown Bear and Wolf. The tour includes a detailed lecture on Wolves by an expert with years of experience of field work wolves and other wildlife. They share their stories and teaches us more about Wolves in an exclusive in-depth lecture before we head out for our own first-hand experiences in the nearby Wolf territory.

Take the chance to join WildSweden for this hair-raising howling adventure and learn more about this fascinating predator.


Information & Pricing

2019-07-11 - 2019-09-05
2 750 SEK
Guided excursion, binoculars, headlamp. Evening meal day 1, brunch day 2.
Accommodation in tents with all necessary equipment.
Recommended minimum age is 15 years. Walking level Medium.

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