Wilderness Week in Lapland, Winter

Enjoy the tranquillity of a winter wonderland, experience the silence and the simplicity of living a week in a cozy cabin with crackling wood stoves, kerosene lamps and shared meals with new friends. The Wilderness week also offers a reindeer safari, Sami dinner, several guided ski tours and don’t forget to experience the wood-heated sauna.

A few miles outside Nattavaara lies the wilderness village of Solberget surrounded by nature reserves, vast forests and far from the nearest neighbor. The cottages, which in some cases are more than a hundred years old, are reminiscent of the time when settlers and lumberjacks lived here.

This is far away from today's civilization, and there is no electricity, running water or water toilet. Instead, food is prepared with fresh spring water in the light of the kerosene lamps on cast iron stoves. Primitive, yes, but with fewer distractions comes more time for laughs and conversations.

During your stay at Solberget, you will learn more about the culture and everyday life of the indigenous sámi people. During some of the winter weeks, there is also the opportunity to experience the separation of the reindeer, but when and where you never know beforehand. On the other hand, a reindeer sledding safari is included and guided ski tours up to the summit of Mount Solberget or through one of the ancient forests in the nature reserves. Real winter adventures in a winter wonderland, with coffee boiled over an open fire and some delicious snacks on the side.

Wilderness Retreat Solberget

Information & Pricing

Wilderness Retreat Solberget
7 days
2-30 persons
7 790 SEK
Full board with all meals, guided ski tours, reindeer sledge, Sami storytelling nigt, skis, snow shoes, maps, and transfer.
Dormitory style accommodation in one of Solbergets cosy cottages. Double rooms can be booked for an additional fee.

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