Rafting in Sweden – Tångböleströmmarna

Go for a thrilling ride in the wild waters of the mountains!

This is a beautiful tour starting at Ånn lake with a view over the Jämtland mountains. The tour goes between the hamlets of Ånn and Tångböle, 30 kilometers west of Åre. The stretch consists of three sets of rapids. The first is easy and short. The second is just 2km whereas the last set of rapids is 3km long.
Between the rapids you can enjoy just following the gentle current. After the second rapids, it is time to pull ashore to brew some coffee and have a sandwich. If conditions are suitable, those who wish can even try swimming in the rapids.
Rapids grade 1-3.
Total time approximately 5 hours’ return trip from Åre.

JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Information & Pricing

JoPe Fors & Fjäll
Helmet, lifejacket, wetsuit, snack. Transportation where necessary.
Not included.
Ability to swim. Minimum age 10 years.

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