Weekend fishing for sea trout on Gotland

Come fishing for sea trout on Gotland! With 800 km of coastline, it’s easy to escape the crowds. You fish by wading in shallow water using spinning or fly. Stay in good-value accommodation in Visby just five minutes from the evening’s restaurants and the next day’s excellent fishing site in the middle of this traditional medieval town.

An expert guide spends the first day with you, giving you an exclusive and thorough introduction to sea trout fishing on Gotland. You and the other participants then have one day of fishing on your own, but with constant access to valuable advice and tips from some of the island’s leading fishing guides. The Gotland sea trout has a high average weight and the fishing season is long. Also, the fish is naturally reproducing, i.e., it is wild. Experienced guides, specialized in the various fishing techniques, are matched to your needs.

You stay in the cozy hostel Visby Vandrarhem, within a comfortable walking distance of exciting fishing grounds in the center of Visby and close to the many excellent restaurants. The hostel has eight rooms (five double bedrooms, two family rooms, and one single room), which share three toilets and showers. The hostel also has a modern kitchen for self-catering.

Each day of fishing, guided or independent, sets out from Visby. Weather and wind determine the various fishing sites, and you may end up trying several different locations. You fish over reefs, seaweed, and the smooth limestone seabed, with Gotland’s dramatic coastline behind you. Each fishing day is unique because the sea, wind and the sea trout always bring something new.

The operator FishYourDream.com works intensively with long-term sustainable fishing and is engaged in fish management on Gotland. The guides are happy to explain the biology of the sea trout and the unique conditions on the island. ”Catch and release" is recommended for all fish that is not destined for the evening’s dinner table.

If you are inexperienced, you get all the help you need, from fishing equipment to casting technique. If you have no equipment of your own, you can hire both fishing equipment and waders. On the ground floor of the hostel there is a well-equipped shop, where you can buy fishing equipment, and also book other Gotland tours and experiences.

FishYourDream Gotland

Information & Pricing

FishYourDream Gotland
2 Days
Minimum 3 Persons
2 100 SEK
1 day of guided fishing (”Join-in-guiding”). Lunch cooked over open fire during guide day. Fishing gear during guiding if needed
Two nights at Visby Vandrarhem (Shared occupancy)

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