Värmland Wilderness package

Live comfortably in the midst of nature and spice up your life with a beaver safari and a log rafting trip down the River Klarälven.

With a snug cabin with WC and shower at Klarälvens Camping, Värmland’s friendly wilderness is easily accessible. In the cabins, you’ll find everything you need for cozy self-catering. On your doorstep there are clear lakes for fishing, vast forest for hiking and a wood-fired sauna for bathing. This package offers a varied experience in the nature with beaver safari, timber raft tour and your own choice of canoeing or hiking.

The beaver safari takes place in smaller groups accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Around a crackling campfire, the guide tells you all about the beaver. How it lives in different places and how important it is to be quiet so as to get a chance to see the animal. At dusk, everyone gets into the inflatable boats and slowly drifts down the river to hopefully get a sight of nature´s own architect.

With just logs and rope, you and your friends have learnt how to build your own log raft. It is a tough but fun work and when the raft is ready, you are really proud of what you have accomplished! On board, life alternates between two extremes: total calm and frantic activity. You can enjoy nature as it gently glides by, try your luck at fishing, read a good book or nibble on something delicious. Then, suddenly, you’re approaching a low overhanging tree. Out with the poles and paddles! Go for it now, paddle away, everybody together, away from the tree, come on now, just a few more meters, great! Nobody knows what is hiding around the next bend but you can take it easy.

Vildmark i Värmland

Information & Pricing

Vildmark i Värmland
2019-07-05 - 2019-08-23
4 days
2-4 persons
2 890 SEK
Three nights in a cabin with WC and shower at Klarälvens Camping, beaver safari, timber raft tour and map for hiking.
In a four bed cabin at Klarälven SweCamp.

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