Try a mountain ride

Even an inexperienced rider can have a go at riding a good-natured Icelandic pony in this spectacular mountain landscape. This whole-day ride starts in Ammarnäs village and follows part of Kungsleden (a 450-kilometre-long walking and skiing route) westwards towards the Aiger cabin.

Once you are up in the mountains you should be on the lookout for the rough-legged buzzard
and golden eagle and try to take in the enormous wide open spaces. After a sandwich lunch in the Aigert cabin you ride back to Ammarnäs village along the calm waters of the river Vindel. You´ll be back!

Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar

Information & Pricing

Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
1 day
2-6 persons
1 050 SEK
Food, riding guide, horse and pack bags.
Not included.
You should be in good shape. No riding experience necessary. Age: from 10 upwards. Maximum weight 95 kg.

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