Rafting in Vålån Sweden Åre

With the mountains in the background, the Vålån river offers worldclass rafting; that is, intense downhill paddling in beautiful surroundings. The Vålån river comes directly from the Vålådal mountains and reacts very quickly to rain and melting snow. The stretch of river is 7 km long with a drop of 80 meters.

The tour starts in the Vålådalen valley, 40 km southwest of Åre which in winter is one of Sweden´s most popular ski resorts. After warming up on calmer waters, it is time to take on the first stretch of steep rapids. Lunch is prepared over an open fire, close to Ingeborgsfallet waterfall. Then one rubber raft at a time sets off down the falls, while the other participants watch or take photographs. Throughout the day, rafters take on several steep, technical stretches of the river. Those who wish will get a chance to try swimming and surfing the rapids, or jumping into the river from the high cliffs of a waterfall.
Rapids grade 1-4.
The total time is just over six hours return trip from Undersåker village.

JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Information & Pricing

JoPe Fors & Fjäll
1 100 SEK
Helmet, life jacket, wetsuit, lunch. Transportation where necessary.
Not included.
Ability to swim. Minimum age 18 years.

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