Timber rafting on the Ume River

See the wilderness of the north pass you by as you silently float downstream the Ume River on a self-built raft made of timber and rope. At this corner of the world, the summer nights are ever-bright, and the surroundings invite you to explore. 

An experienced guide helps you to build a sturdy raft that can easily carry six adults. Once the raft is in the river, it's time for you to embark on a slow pace journey, between one and three kilometers per hour depending on the water flow, the weather, and the wind. You control the three-ton raft with paddles and a long pole.

This experience is suitable for those who are interested in a different kind of adventure in nature. You will sometimes need to paddle yourselves sweaty to avoid getting stuck in a backwater. On other parts of the river, you can lazily sit back and enjoy the calm journey Maybe stop and have a swim, pick berries in the forest or check out the moose, reindeer, roe deer, fox, hare and a variety of bird species that live in the surrounding nature. Renting a canoe as an escort boat is a nice way to explore the Ume River further while cruising downstream.

Granö Beckasin AB

Information & Pricing

Granö Beckasin AB
1 day
2-6 persons/raft
Från 850 SEK
Building instructions, rafting instructions, safety equipment
Not included. See Granö Granö Beckasins web for more offers
None. At least 2 adults/raft

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