White water kayaking course

In the Åre mountains, there are at least half a dozen fine streams and rivers which offer exceptional white water paddling. All levels of difficulty are offered here, from the wide river with blue surfing waves to the wild, narrow torrent with waterfalls.

Beginner course, 3 days. You learn how to handle the kayak. The main focus is having fun. You paddle a lot of rapids and learn some surfing too. Safety training is also included.

Beginner course, 2 days.

Step 2 course, 2 days. For you that have started paddling and want to learn more. We called it a "Step 2 course".

If you are more than 4 people you can customize your own course.

JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Information & Pricing

JoPe Fors & Fjäll
3 - 8 persons
Beginners course 2 days, 2 500 SEK. Beginners course 3 days, 3 500 SEK. Step 2 course (2 days), 2 500 SEK
All necessary equipment, but not food and lodging.
Not included.
Ability to swim. Minimum age 14 years.

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