Mountain ride Stabburet

Many dream of walking in the mountains without having to exert themselves very much. On this tour you need neither carry your own gear, nor even your own weight. Instead you can enjoy a two-day excursion in this spectacular mountain region, seated comfortably on the back of an Icelandic pony.

The tour starts at Ammarnäs, a small mountain village at the beginning or end of the road, depending on how you look at it. You have lunch together, then roll up your sleeping bags, pack your saddlebags and mount the ponies. Icelandic ponies are so placid and well behaved that even beginners can ride them easily.

The Vindel mountain region is one of Europe’s largest nature reserves with places where hardly anyone has ever set foot. The ride goes through the mountain birch forest up to the barren mountains above the tree line and ends up at Tjaskal, at the tour operator´s Sami cabin that is just perfect for an overnight stay. After breakfast you ride along the long ridge of the Stuore Jåppe mountain where everyone has a chance to try out the Icelandic pony’s trademark: the gait called the rack. After a coffee break at Stabburet, an old traditional Sami camp, you ride back to Ammarnäs.

Fjällhästen AB

Information & Pricing

Fjällhästen AB
2019-06-08 - 2019-09-21
3 days
4 - 6 persons
3 500 SEK
Full board and lodging, riding guide, horse, equipment.
One night in a sleeping bag on an air mattress in a Sami cabin.
Some riding and outdoor experience, normal fitness. Minimum age: 12. Maximum weight: 90 kg.

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