Spring weekend in forest retreat

Treat yourself to some natural luxury. Pick fresh herbs, eat well and sleep deeply in a bed in an unusual treehouse or a timber hut in the forest. Relax in a wood-fired sauna or an outdoor wooden bathtub. You will feel like you’ve been born again.

A retreat is a place for reflection in isolation. The retreat deep in the Holaved Forest outside Ödeshög in the county of Östergötland is a place for rest, reflection, and visions.

Lambing is well underway, and here there is plenty of opportunities to unwind and enjoy the birdsong and new buds. Birch sap tapped earlier in the spring is served with the food, providing an extra energy boost. Borrow a canoe and hear the bittern’s muffled hooting from the reeds of Lake Visjön. Then relax in a genuine wood-fired sauna using birch twigs or bathe in a wood-fired wooden bathtub outdoors. You and the coming spring decide.

Your hosts, Ulrika Krynitz and Håkan Strotz, always dreamt of living close to nature, and this dream has now come true. The accommodation is something unique – hand-built timber huts and treehouses without electricity. Ulrika designed the furnishings, which are inspired by nature’s shapes, colors, shadows, movements, and light. Comfortable beds, subdued lighting from paraffin lamps, the smell of coffee and a crackling fire promote stimulating conversation and enjoyable company. Or long, peaceful periods by yourself.



Information & Pricing

2017-04-01 - 2017-06-15
2 days
6-16 persons
1 950 SEK
One night, three-course dinner, breakfast, sauna/wooden tub, fishing permit, loan of a canoe or rowing boat with equipment.
Per person in double room in the Wood Hermitage's own wooden cabins (Charcoal Cabin & the Moss Temple) with comfortable beds (bedlinen included) and heating by wood stove.

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