Snow knowledge and winter ecology

Muohta, sabekguottát, åppås, siebla. Did you know that the Sámi's have over 180 words for snow? Different types of snow are designated by the shape of its flakes, description of how it is falling, and by how it collects on the ground. 

Learn how to read different kinds of snow and how it impact the locals, what are the best means of travel on various types of snow and how does the snowpack affect the migration of the reindeer? Everything that travels over snow leaves tracks and during this tour, you will learn how to read them and how to tell which animal has passed through. Snow knowledge and winter ecology are valuable skills that are known only by a few people in today's society.

Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You

Information & Pricing

Lapland Vuollerim Welcomes You
2018-11-15 - 2019-04-30
2,5 hours
920 SEK
Guide, beverage, and transfer
Not included

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