Schooner voyage to Västervik

Gulls circle and scream in the blue sky above the boat, while exquisite shrimp sandwiches are served on the deck and enjoyed in the sunshine with a fantastic sea view. “Land ahoy!” calls someone from high up in the rig. With its ten wind-filled sails, the Vega is a magnificent sight.

This summer cruise on the Vega from Norrköping to Västervik passes through archipelagos such as St Anna, Gryt and Tjust, as well as across stretches of open sea. Guests feel they are taking part in maritime history come to life as they sail through these archipelagos with their characteristic buildings, where land and sea meet, and where ships have sailed for centuries.

Sailing with the schooner Vega is like taking part in an old cultural tradition. The guest crew is divided into various groups which try different onboard tasks. Sailing on the schooner Linnéa is living proof that people doing things together get to know one another. Of course, there is plenty of time to just enjoy life at sea, but one of the features of this voyage is that everyone is active in sailing the boat and helping with general tasks on board. Visitors board the vessel as individuals and disembark as part of a close-knit group.

The crew’s genuine love of the sea and interest in how people interact with nature characterises life on board. For guests wanting to learn more, the permanent crew is happy to demonstrate how to tie useful knots like the sheet bend and the bowline, and describe what life was like when the Vega was a cargo vessel.

The cargo area below deck has been converted to comfortable cabins, a cosy galley and a large saloon with room for meals and relaxation. Up on deck, guests participate according to their abilities and interest in putting up the sails, taking a turn at the helm and navigation, or in more domestic tasks like cooking in the galley below deck. As lunchtime approaches, a tempting smell of freshly-baked bread wafts up on deck.

When the ship has anchored for the night, the ship’s boat, with room for ten, is launched and rowed to land by four oarsmen. Perhaps they will find a perfect spot for an evening swim, before rowing back to the Vega in perfect time for dinner.

Skonarna Linnéa & Vega

Information & Pricing

Skonarna Linnéa & Vega
3 days
10-25 persons
Full board and accommodation on the schooner Vega.
Fixed bunks with bed linen.

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