Sailing cruise on Bråviken

The wind make the mast creak, the Baltic waves glitter in the sun, sea gulls are screaming and the old ship sails you into the heart of the Swedish summer. Enjoy it, explore it and take your turn in the work on board. Learn how to set sails and how to navigate these northern latitudes. Cook with the ship’s chef and help with cleaning chores. Rest in the stern and gaze at ten swelling sails pushing you further into the thousands of islands of the Swedish coast.

Deep fjords, bald rounded cliffs, crevices overflowing with delicate flowers and small clusters of fishermen’s cottages glide by the Schooner Linnéa. Home made fish soup made from fresh local ingredients simmers away while you relax or listen to the tall tales of the skipper. If you want to climb the mast or learn how to tie knots you can do so under Egil’s watchful eye. He knows about the old days when the Baltic was sailed by merchant ships like these from all over the world. In those days Linnéa was a rough and ready cargo vessel, today there are showers, proper toilets and comfortable beds on board.

Kerstin and Egil Bergström have lived most of their days with and on board the Schooner Linnéa. Their genuine love of the sea and interest in the way man and nature can harmonize reflects the life on board. An important part of this sail trip is to let guests take part in the ordinary work and schedules that constitutes the traditional way life on board that has been practiced for centuries.

Okay, the harsher ways of the seamen are now consigned to the past and there will be ample time to have fun and relax on board. Linnéa does not follow a strict scheduled route as winds and weather will decide where to go. No matter where the cruise leads us, for these day trips you will sign on and off in Norrköping harbour.

Skonarna Linnéa & Vega

Information & Pricing

Skonarna Linnéa & Vega
1 day
20-70 persons
Morning tea or coffee, lunch soup and sandwich, coffee & biscuit.
Not included.

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