Ratekjokk Trail (7 Days)

Led by Sami guides, the Icelandic horses break into a gallop across the remote landscape of Swedish Lapland. Soon the small group of riders finds themselves almost alone in some of Sweden’s most magnificent scenery.

A long riding tour for those who wish to experience the vast open spaces above the treeline, ride along narrow paths deep in the forest, fall asleep to the murmuring of the stream outside the tent and take part in a week packed with exciting natural experiences.

Your horse suits you and is easy to ride. Full of energy, the horses are made for this type of terrain and climate and have an uncanny ability to find their way anywhere. This is an incomparably comfortable way to ‘walk’ in the mountains whilst seated, with packs tightly secured behind the saddle instead of on your back. Most of the ride is through trackless terrain in bare mountain areas, over bogs, and through virgin forest. This is the guides’ home territory, where their ancestors have lived for thousands of years. Meals are prepared communally and are cooked, as they have always been, over an open fire. The atmosphere and conversation in the tent take you back to a time before mobile telephones, computers, and cars.

The exact riding routes, as well as overnight stops and catering arrangements, are tailored to weather and wind conditions. Daily stages are between 15 and 25 km.


Ofelaš Icelandic horses & Guide service

Information & Pricing

Ofelaš Icelandic horses & Guide service
2019-06-30 - 2019-08-31
7 days
2 - 10 persons
11 850 SEK
Horse with equipment, guide, full board and lodging, transfer and helmet.
Tentipi and cabins.
Reasonably fit with riding experience. Minimum age 12 years. Maximum weight 90 kg.

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