Porpoises with Kullaberg hike

Make the porpoise safari a full-day adventure at Kullaberg. Wander through tranquil forests and visit the mountain cows. Try the local cafes or restaurants that dot the trail. Get prepared at Kullaberg’s Naturum nature centre, and look out for our Swedish "dolphin" during the boat tour with the help of expert guides while the mountain’s towering cliffs pass by.

Those who choose to combine the porpoise safari with an unguided hike out to Kullen Lighthouse get the bargain of a full day with many experiences to choose from. To walk almost 10 kilometres round trip in hilly terrain provides both appetite and good reason to grab a bite along the way or end with a tastier dinner at one of Mölle's restaurants. Moreover, the hike can be combined with a cooling dip and stroll through beech forests and grazing pastures that provide an opportunity to look closely at Kullaberg's rich flora and fauna, with rarities such as Common Rosefinch, grass peas and Keeled Garlic.

Once at Kullen Lighthouse, it is time for the more than hour-long safari trip in a RIB boat off of Kullaberg, which is advantageously combined with an introductory visit to the Kullaberg’s Naturum nature centre. Here you’ll find plenty of information about the mountain's geology, flora and fauna, exciting exhibitions, films about porpoises, and special aquariums where both large and small can pet crabs, starfish and get in close contact with other marine animals.

Kullabergsguiderna’s guides are also full of knowledge and can explain about the porpoises’ lives and habits during the tour in the marine reserve surrounding Kullaberg. With luck, one of the mountain’s peregrine falcons flies past, and suddenly the water in front of the boat is broken by a group of porpoises’ dorsal fins. Then the boat stops, and the porpoises are free to decide how close to come and how long the visit will last.

Kullabergsguiderna applies internationally accepted guidelines for whale watching. Therefore, the recent porpoise safaris have actually strengthened protection of our porpoises. From being almost unknown in northwest Skåne, our knowledge of our most threatened marine mammal has increased dramatically. This in turn strengthens the protection of our most endangered marine mammal.

Kullabergsguiderna AB

Information & Pricing

Kullabergsguiderna AB
1 day
1-12 persons
Unguided hike, boat tour with knowledgeable guide from Kullabergsguiderna, life jacket and binoculars.
Not included, but the surrounding area offers various accommodation options and Hotel Rusthållargården is a recommended choice.
The hike out to Kullen Lighthouse requires normal physical fitness and is suitable for children aged seven years and older. Otherwise, no prior knowledge.

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