Porpoise safari by Kullaberg

Scout for Skåne’s porpoises along with knowledgeable guides from Kullabergsguider. With animals nothing can be guaranteed, but this is your best chance to catch a glimpse of our Swedish ‘dolphins’. But regardless of the outcome, a boat trip around Kullaberg’s towering cliffs is an experience to remember, especially in combination with a visit to the Kullaberg’s Naturum nature centre.

A few years ago, the County Administrative Board of Skåne discovered that there was a relative abundance of porpoises in the waters around Kullaberg. This is most likely due to favourable access to small fish, which in turn may be linked to the trawling ban in Öresund and the underwater environment where Kullaberg’s bedrock meets the Kattegat Sea’s sandy bottom. 2011 brought the premiere of Swedish whale safaris and the first year was a huge success, with around 70 percent of visitors getting a glimpse of our smallest toothed whale.

The porpoise safari starts off at Kullaberg Naturum and the nearly hour-long porpoise watching trip in a RIB boat outside Kullaberg offers the combined advantage of an introductory visit to the Naturum nature centre. Here, you’ll find plenty of information on Kullaberg’s geology, flora and fauna, exciting exhibitions, film about porpoises, and special aquariums where both large and small can pet crabs, starfish and get in close contact with other marine animals.

Kullabergsguiderna are also full of knowledge and can explain about the porpoises’ lives and habits during the tour in the marine reserve surrounding Kullaberg. With luck, one of the mountain’s peregrine falcons flies past, and suddenly the water in front of the boat is broken by a group of porpoises’ dorsal fins. Then the boat stops, and the porpoises are free to decide how close to come and how long the visit will last.

Kullabergsguiderna applies internationally accepted guidelines for whale watching. Therefore, the recent porpoise safaris have actually strengthened protection of our porpoises. From being almost unknown in northwest Skåne, our knowledge of our most threatened marine mammal has increased dramatically. With increased knowledge comes greater consideration and respect for, among other things, the reserve's speed limits. Your visit, therefore, helps the future of our porpoises look a little brighter. That can be fun to think about when you walk the steep path back from RIB boat's small natural harbour up to Sweden's highest lighthouse.

Kullabergsguiderna AB

Information & Pricing

Kullabergsguiderna AB
1 day
1-12 persons
Boat tour with knowledgeable guide from Kullabergsguiderna, life jacket and binoculars.
Not included, but the surrounding area offers various accommodation options and Hotel Rusthållargården is a recommended choice.
None, but the walk up and down to the boat tour's start location is not suitable for visitors with impaired mobility.

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