Pike week

This is the original Swedish fishing experience. It is the kind of fishing that Swedish kids have been taught by their dads for hundreds of years. The equipment has improved and nowadays the boats have four stroke engines, but it is still you against the pike, perch and brown trout. It´s still about being at the feeding grounds at the right time of day, with the right lure and the right amount of patience. Nowadays people from all over Europe come here because it is an angler´s retreat.

Fredros is an old iron mill village in western Värmland only 200 km from Oslo, situated between the lakes Mangen and Treen. This is where the real North begins in Scandinavia. Vast forests, rolling hills, great marsh lands, lakes and rivers stretch on and on up north. The signs of foxes, beavers, moose, deer, lynx, owls and other creatures of the forest can be seen, you will hear and maybe catch a glimpse of them if you are lucky.
Whether you fish from land or boat beware! You are in the home land of the Northern pike. Be prepared. This part of Värmland in southwest Sweden, is not so populated. You will find seclusion and peace while testing your luck and skill to catch the most aggressive fresh water predator with the sharpest teeth. The fishing is good since you are fishing in well managed waters where natural wild fish are fished according to biological guide lines.

Lakes here are situated in a mix of woodlands and open farmland. The water quality and climate make them ideal for perch, pike, bream and roach. Some lakes harbour large schools of bait fish that are hunted by big brown trout. We suggest you bring equipment for spin fishing, angling with floater, maybe some surface trolling with wobblers and spoons can be tried. Fly fishing can be practiced; there are a variety of lakes and some streams with trout.

Your hosts will always be around and can help you out with fishing tips and other things when you want them to.
By the lake, where the boats are moored, is where you will find your cabin. These are well equipped log cabins, each with their own sauna. In other words, you won’t need the car keys and you will be warm and sleep well.

If you feel like experiencing other things than fishing there is no problem to find things to do. Nature is easily accessible whether you trek on paths or travel on waters by canoe or boat. In the summer, swimming in the lakes is surprisingly warm. Forget that crowded-beach-feeling!

Fredros Gård

Information & Pricing

Fredros Gård
8 days
4-25 persons
1806 SEK
Well equipped log cabin for self catering, Linder 440 fishing boat with four stroke engine, personal information, maps.
In well equipped log cabin for self catering.
None. Fishing guide available fo hire.

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