Nightly paddle through Swedish wolf territory

To paddle under the sparkling, star-studded heavens is something special. To see the reflection of the moonlight in the dark water, and the silhouette of the dense forest out in the distance is something very special. When you add the howling of wolves to the moon, you have the experience of a lifetime.

A different, magic, exciting and beautiful adventure. A canoeing trip through the heart of one of Sweden's few wolf territories. Sometimes we hear the howling wolves in the distance. A nighttime wilderness adventure in The Kloten Wolf Territory.

There is something special about canoeing at night. Those who have not been introduced to nighttime canoeing may imagine that it occurs in total darkness, but those who have come along and accustomed their eyes to the darkness know that the night’s light is a variation of nuances and colors. In the forest’s natural darkness, the stars and the moon appear to shine much, much brighter. There is a significant difference in apparent shining power when a sky full of stars reveals itself far away from towns full of lights.

Available May – October. Scheduled dates on Nordic Discovery’s website.


Nordic Discovery

Information & Pricing

Nordic Discovery
- May – October. Scheduled dates on Nordic Discovery’s website
2 days
2-8 persons
1 850 SEK
Eight hours of paddling in the night time, wilderness picnic, overnight stay at a shelter or in a tent, breakfast, canoes/kayaks, safety equipment, sleeping bag, camping mattress and transfer.
Overnight stay at a shelter in front of an open fire, teepee or in a tent

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