A musical sleigh ride

A musical sleigh ride through a winter wonderland. Jingle Bells, wolf furs, stories and tales from bygone days and the Northern Swedish draft horses snorting in the winter darkness.

At sunset, you're off, with a musical coachman sitting up front leading the way. When the music fades from the slatted flute, the sleigh starts to glide down horse-plowed roads through the magical winter landscape.

The deep forests of Hälsingland offer stillness, silence, and trails of wild animals such as wolves, moose, fox, and the hare. Here also lurks memories of the old days when the forest was teeming with human life. And along the way, you might get to hear the story of the buck with silver horns, bear encounters past and present, and German deserter stories from World War II. On top of all this, piping hot blueberry mulled wine, and lamb sausage is served during the tour.

The goal of the tour is the Knight's Sword grassland cottage. It breaks the winter chill with warming fire and candles, and inside the cottage, a Hälsingland meal is served on old-fashioned floral porcelain. The food is made from local produce and local food and enjoyed together with acoustic music and more stories by the fire. After less than four hours, it is time to return. You and the other participants choose between kicksled or walking through Hälsingland night.

Tur o Ton i Hälsingland

Information & Pricing

Tur o Ton i Hälsingland
2017-11-19 - 2018-04-19
1 day (4 hours)
6-24 persons
1 495 SEK
Sleigh ride, Hälsingland meal, music, kicksled tour,
Not included

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