Mushing the gateway to Sarek

Full, white open spaces stretch out before you as far as you can see. The dogs are eager to go while the guide gives you instructions. And then, you pull the snow anchors away and take off into the great white open. You will soon catch on and easily handle your husky team. Mushing through this untouched wilderness expanse is unique even in northern Europe. In the evenings you all take part in cooking and eating of local produce in cozy mountain huts by the light of candles.

A crackling birch wood fire bids you a warm welcome to Saltoluokta mountain lodge, with its hundred-year-old log walls and cozy atmosphere. A perfect setting for a welcome dinner before the adventure begins.

After a big breakfast the following morning it is time to make friends with the Huskies and learn about the equipment. The trip is lead by Matti Holmgren, a very experienced mountain guide. His Siberian Huskies are the most well behaved and thoroughly trained dogs you can think of.

The sleds are packed with all gear and food you need for a dog sled expedition in the mountains. You will have four Siberian Huskies at your command. Matti will easily teach you how to harness the dogs and how to maneuver the sled. You need no previous experience! Like if you want to stop, just yell “stop!” and the dogs will obey.

You start in birch forest land but soon reach the wide open spaces where no trees can grow. While you enjoy lunch sandwiches and a hot drink you can often find Reindeers by your side grazing their lunch from a bare harsh piece of land. Nights are spent in cozy mountain huts, where everybody helps as much as they please. It could be to get water from the river, chop wood for the fire or cooking stew in the light of candles. But first, the Huskies need some care. Matti will help you to check their paws and condition. You will feed them and make sure they are fine before they cuddle up in the snow for their night's sleep.

In the morning you help to make breakfast for yourselves and the Huskies. Today’s trip will take you to Aktse, an old mountain settlement where hunters and trappers have lived for hundreds of years. The location is also known as the gate to Sarek National Park, truly one of the wildest and remotest areas in Europe. After a day of touring the wildland, another candlelight dinner will warm you up. The next day you will traverse open marshlands surrounded by majestic snow-clad mountains. Listen to the silence all around. Pick out the distinct sounds of the wilderness that do not disrupt the feeling of ever-present silence. Enjoy the lookout for well-camouflaged snow white ptarmigan!

You will follow the border of the national park, making several stops along the way. Maybe you want to try some ice fishing. It could mean Arctic char for dinner. The journey ends with a farewell dinner and an overnight stay back at Saltoluokta mountain lodge. No doubt you will bring with you a deeper knowledge of the strange bond between man and dog…



Information & Pricing

2019-03-04 - 2019-03-11
8 days
2-4 persons
23 500 SEK
Own dog sled with equipment, guide, warm clothes, boots and sleeping bag, acommodation and all meals.
Two nights at Saltoluokta mountain lodge (shared), and five nights in mountain huts.
No former dog sled experience is required, but you must like animals and feel compassion for them.

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