Mountains and horses

You start to sense the atmosphere already in Ammarnäs, a small mountain village at the beginning or end of the road, depending on how you look at it.

You will pack your equipment into saddlebags at the old, carefully restored Hedeby farm. The ride initially goes along the river Vindel’s unregulated waters, along the banks of the river and into the forest, before you start the climb up through the birch forest towards the bare mountain region above the tree line. The speed varies from an easy walking pace to a glorious gallop. Try the rack, that particular gait that makes the Icelandic pony so easy to ride.
From the peak of Björkfjäll mountain you can see mountains and open spaces in every direction. You may also see a rough-legged buzzard or golden eagle hovering in the sky and hear the laughter of the ptarmigan or the melancholy cheeping of the golden plover.
One night is spent in a wigwam in the heart of the wilderness and everyone helps to prepare dinner over an open fire. A venison casserole or smoked reindeer meat with all the trimmings tastes especially delicious as you watch the satisfied horses grazing in their temporary enclosures nearby.
You may get butterflies in your stomach when you gallop over the wide-open spaces!
The tour ends back at Hedeby farm, where you can enjoy the excellent sauna or a relaxing soak in an outdoor log-fired wooden bathtub - from where you get Ammarnäs’s best view of the mountains and wide-open spaces in all directions, whilst wallowing in hot water up to your chin!

Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar

Information & Pricing

Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
5 days
2-4 persons
6 050 SEK
Four nights, meals from breakfast the second day to breakfast day five, riding guide, horse, equipment to load onto horse, visitor center and warm log-fire wooden bathtub.
Simple accommodation on Hedebo Gård and shared accommodation in mountain cabin and wigwam.
You should be in good shape and able to, or believe yourself able to gallop. From 12 years, maximum weight: 95 kg.

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