Midnight sun hike to the top of Mt. Nuolja

As Abisko lies 250 km north of the Arctic Circle, you can enjoy Arctic daytime from the beginning of June, which means the sun doesn't set! It's still above the horizon at midnight! You can hike in Nordic Alpine terrain under a sky glowing with red and yellow light, giving the surroundings a golden touch.

After a short walk, your experience begins in a chair-lift, gliding slowly and quietly upwards with mountain scenery as your panorama. Then we start walking again, ascending the final slopes up to the top of Mount Nuolja 1164 meters above sea level.

During a short break at the top, we celebrate your performance by experiencing that the Sun never sets below the horizon. Up here you have a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and a great lake called Torneträsk.

STF Aurora Sky Station has a large outdoor terrace and a look-out tower to view the breathtaking scenery from. Enjoy a wonderful experience and capture midnight sun moments by taking photos. Take the opportunity to buy a cup of Swedish - style boiled coffee in the café, or a souvenir as a memento before your descent.

STF Abisko Fjällstation

Information & Pricing

STF Abisko Fjällstation
2018-06-16 - 2018-07-21
1 day
Maximum 16 persons
595 SEK (STF member)
Return ticket for chair-lift, guided hike, beverage, and snack at the top of Mount Nuolja
Not included but can be arranged at STF Abisko
minimum age: 12 years

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