Lobster safari package, Bohus

Take an active role on this fishing trip on board the old wooden vessel, the Tuffa, off the west coast of Sweden. Pull up the lobster pots from the waves of the Skagerrak, empty them, hold a lobster and learn more about sustainable fishing. In the evening, enjoy a lobster meal in a cozy fishing hut before retiring to a small, modern guest house for a wonderful night’s sleep.

The hunt for the king of the crustaceans begins at Evert’s yellow fishing hut at Grebbestad in the heart of the county of Bohus. Guests are equipped with warm safety overalls with built-in life jackets, before going on board the wooden boat, the Tuffa, built in 1952, with room for 12 passengers. Bait, comprising salted mackerel and herring, is taken along as the pots are to be both emptied and replaced.

Taste the salt in the wind and admire the beautiful Bohus granite on the islands as the Tuffa leaves the jetty. The dull thud of the engine, the glistening water… And the excitement as guests pull up and empty the pots. Watch out for the claws – they can give a nasty nip! As well as lobster, the pots usually contain crabs, starfish, and other fish. The lobsters are inspected, and if they are females with roe, or very small, they are returned to the sea. Sustainable fishing, applying measures that ensure future stocks, is a pillar of the company’s business.

Replacing the pots is a precision job. A rocky part of the sea bed has to be found because that is where the lobsters live. Luckily sonar equipment is available. Naturally, refreshments are served on board: coffee, drinks, and seaweed crackers.

Back at Evert’s hut, guests taste the delicacies served during a delightful lobster and seafood dinner. Replete and satisfied, guests then retire to a small guest house nearby, for a good night’s sleep followed by a late and leisurely breakfast.

Everts Sjöbod Grebbestad

Information & Pricing

Everts Sjöbod Grebbestad
2 days
1-12 persons
2600 SEK
Lobster fishing with refreshments, experienced captain and guide, safety overall, seafood dinner and bed & breakfast.
At Grebbestadfjorden guest house or Everts sjöbod

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