Lobster safari, Hunnebostrand

Together with local fishermen, the Hotel Kaprifol in Hunnebostrand arranges one of the most comprehensive lobster safaris in Bohus. Guests help to pull up the lobster traps from the waves of the Skagerrak and enjoy lobsters boiled in a boathouse. The safari includes free time for guests to explore, a guided tour of the Swedish Lobster Academy, and a lobster dinner on white tablecloths followed by a wonderful night’s sleep at the small, cosy hotel.

During the autumn and, if the weather allows, extending into December, the west coast’s lobster traps are emptied in the quest for the sea’s black gold. Hotel Kaprifol in Hunnebostrand is an ideal base for people wanting to learn more about and try lobster fishing and, not least, taste these Skagerrak delicacies. All activities take place within walking distance of the hotel, or after convenient transport to Smögen on the days the boat leaves from there. This is a successful and proven concept for individuals, corporate events, family celebrations or a weekend in the company of good friends.

The intensive day has an early start, and visitors travelling a long distance are recommended to arrive the evening before and enjoy an extra night in Hunnebostrand. First item on the agenda is lobster fishing between bare rocks and smooth rocky islands. When the weather is bad, traps are placed deep in the shelter of the archipelago. Old and new friends get the opportunity to empty the pots – excitement mounts as the traps come up. Who will be lucky? The boat’s captain and lobster fishermen give instructions and talk about permitted sizes, females with roe that are to be put back in the water, and the depth at which the pots are to be replaced.

The journey back to the harbour includes a stop for refreshments – guests either eat their own picnic or the hotel’s lunch basket filled with freshly-baked bread, fresh buns and autumn fruits. Back in Hunnebostrand it’s time to boil a couple of the lobsters according to a local recipe in a boathouse. The rest of the afternoon is free – perhaps a stroll through the narrow streets of Hunnebostrand, up a hill to look at the view, or a trip to Smögen, at its most peaceful in the autumn.

Before the evening meal, there is a guided tour of the Swedish Lobster Academy, with its aquarium and exhibits of fishing equipment. An expert guide talks about the lobster’s way of life, how it mates and how it changes its shell, as well as the importance of lobster fishing, both today and in the past. The final unanswered question about the legendary life and living habits of the lobster is given its explanation.

It is then time for a four-course lobster dinner with culinary surprises based on seafood soup, raspberry sorbet, an entire lobster each and a dessert symphony to round things off. All served on white tablecloths and decorated with candles to create a cosy atmosphere.

Then the intensive day spent in the salty waves of the Skagerrak, the lobster experiences and the evening’s gourmet meal takes its toll. Thankfully, the hotel beds are waiting just a few steps away. After a well-deserved night’s sleep, it is time for new challenges. The first item on the agenda is tackling the hotel’s generous breakfast buffet.

Hotel Kaprifol

Information & Pricing

Hotel Kaprifol
2019-03-01 - 2019-09-20
1 days
1-36 persons
2850 SEK
Boat tour with lobster fishing, warm safety clothing and rubber boots, lobster cooking, visit to the Swedish Lobster Academy Museum, four-course lobster dinner, and bed and breakfast buffet.
Share in double room at the welcoming and cosy Hotel Kaprifol. Surcharge for single room: SEK 250.

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