Lapland in winter

An eight-day adventure in Lapland with Rajamaa and the gracious Malmström family. You’ll stay 200 km above the Arctic Circle, surrounded by deep forests, mighty rivers and the mountains rising at the horizon. Enjoy the clean untouched nature of Lapland, its rare culture and people, who still lives in harmony with nature.

Day 1. The bus picks you up at the airport in Kittilä, and heads westwards to Rajamaa. After 1 hour through the forests of Lapland you reach your destination and install yourself. After getting to know each other and the program of the week and dinner you get a presentation on the first of ”The big four” the Scandinavian big predators, the Lynx.

Day 2. A snow-shoe tour day. An experienced and knowledgeable guide takes you through the snow-covered scenic landscape. You’ll learn about animal tracks and the nature of the Taiga. Lunch is served by an open fire in the middle of the forest. The walk continues in the snow and after a little while you reach Rajamaa in time for dinner. Then the second of animal of ”the big four” is presented, the Wolverine.

Day 3. This day you’ll get to visit a Husky Sledge dog Centre. You get a tour of the kennel and learn about the dogs, their life and training, and get to experience a 17 km sledge tour. After lunch you get to try forest-skis and even take a little tour in nature. In the evening you’ll get a presentation of the third animal of ”The Big Four”, the wolf.

Day 4. The fourth day is at your own disposal. Maybe you’ll try snow-mobile safari? After dinner you get a presentation of the last animal of “The big four”, the Bear. Later, if the sky is clear and you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the the Northern Lights.

Day 5. This day you’ll get to meet a Sámi family that, while living in a modern time, practice an ancient form of reindeer herding. Learn about the Sámi culture their work. The day ends with dinner at the restaurant at Rajamaa.

Day 6. You start your 2-day tour on “forest skis”, along frozen lakes and swamps. Over pine clad hills and valleys. You spend the night in a big log-cabin, heated only by fire. You all prepare the dinner together and fire up the sauna. And again, if your lucky, the amazing northern light might appear in the sky.

Day 7. Time to head back to Rajamaa. The route back depends on where the reindeers are to make sure you disturb them as little as possible. There’s a also a chance of seeing moose and even lynx and wolverine. When you get back to camp there’s a hot sauna and dinner waiting for you. Before bed you have a little feed-back chat about your week.

Day 8. On your way to Kittilä Airport and your flight home, you make a stop at the “Snow-Village” in Lainio.


Information & Pricing

8 days
Transfer, full board (drinks not included), overalls and warm boots, activities according to the program.
Accommodation in chalets.
Bring a small back-pack and a simple sleeping-bag.

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