Lapland in summer

An eight-day adventure in Lapland with Rajamaa and the gracious Malmström family. Explore narrow roads and old paths through the deep forests, rivers and along scenic canyons. The nature here is unique to Lapland, with it’s flora and fauna. A lot of the species found here are specific to this area of the vast Taiga.

Day 1. The bus picks you up at the airport in Kittilä, and heads westwards to Rajamaa. After 1 hour through the forests of Lapland you reach your destination and install yourself. After getting to know each other and the program of the week and dinner you get a presentation on the first of ”The big four” the Scandinavian big predators, the Lynx.

Day 2. You travel to Pallas in Finland by mini-bus. There your first trekking-tour starts toward the mountains in the Pallas-Ylläs National Park. Lunch is served on a mountain overlooking the surrounding forests of three countries. You go straight from your hike to the information centre for Lapland nature for a picture show. After dinner you get a presentation on the second animal of “The big four”, the wolverine.

Day 3. You travel to Yli-Muonio in Finland, by bus. There you start your canoe trip along River Muonio. You’ll make stops at an ancient cemetery Akanmella, Lunch by the campfire and then head towards Muonio and your transport back to Rajamaa. After dinner you get a presentation on the third animal of “The big four”, the wolf.

Day 4. Your bike tour starts after breakfast, your first stop is at the church in Muodoslompolo. You then continue around the Lake Naankijärvi, and then follow the hills Mellavaara and Muoniovaara back to Rajamaa. After dinner you go by mini-bus to Metelivaara for a walk to a wildwatching-hide for a night of exciting wildlife experiences. You return to Rajamaa in time for breakfast.

Day 5. Take a walk in the forest with the huskies. Have a bite to eat along the way and make your way back to home in time for dinner at the restaurant at Rajamaa. then it’s time for a presentation on the last of “The big four”, the Bear.

Day 6. Your 2-day tour starts with traveling to River Jyryjoki by a mini-bus. You walk takes you north where lunch is served by an open fire. You head west along Marjakursu Canyon to your home for the night, a log-cabin for forest workers heated only by fire. Sometimes a tent is used instead. You all help prepare dinner and fire up the sauna.

Day 7. It’s time to cross the canyon and walk through a nature reserve. You’ll cross a river and follow an old sámi-path to Suksivaara, an ancient reindeer summit place for forest-sámis. Henrik Sevä, a sámi whos family have hearded reindeers in this area for generations, will tell you about the unique sami culture. Transfer back to Rajamaa for dinner.

Day 8. Transport to Kittilä airport and your flight home.


Information & Pricing

8 days
Minimum 6 persons maximum 15 persons.
Transfer from/to Kittilä or Rovaniemi airport, Kolari train or Pajala bus station. “Lapland full-board” Breakfast, lunch-package and dinner. From dinner day 1 to breakfast day 8. Drinks not included. Guide. All activities and transports according to the program.
7 night’s accommodation in well-equipped chalets.
The participants are to bring proper personal equipment, like walking boots and smaller rucksack.

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