Kayaking on the west coast

Smooth, bare rocks glow beautifully red and mild in the evening sun. It’s time to pull the kayaks ashore and put up the tents on a tiny, sandy beach all your own. Except for some seals maybe!

The Swedish west coast is a seascape of its own. Outside the little town of Fjällbacka there is a maze of islands and islets, and no matter where the wind comes from there are always calm waters. You will explore these fascinating waters together with an experienced guide, and will have time to see most parts of this interesting archipelago.

Your paddles will cut the water first time on Friday afternoon and then you spend two nights in the wild marine outdoors, returning on Sunday afternoon. Don’t worry if you’ve never set foot in a kayak before. You will get safety instructions and technique training before setting off.

The archipelago at Fjällbacka has a rich history. At the turn of the last century, this was a major trading route for ships carrying all sorts of goods. Trading stores were built on the islands and many of them had a second income from illegal bars, smuggling, plundering of ship wrecks and brothels. Nowadays things are more peaceful here and the people friendly.

Paddling along you will glide past giant rock pools that make you wonder. Time, pebbles and water have carved huge pools in the bare granite rock. Sea gulls squeak and hover above you as you paddle through narrow passages and close to steep cliffs. The camp will be put up on a tiny island. Some say it is haunted by ship wrecked virgins… You all help out to make “Swedish west coast burritos” on the rocks. Close by you can contemplate the rock carvings, left by hundreds of years ago. When the day is over the sun will set in the sea.


Information & Pricing

3 days
4-8 persons
4 500 SEK
Kayak with equipment, tent, life jacket, all meals, cooking equipment, experienced guides.
In tents.

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