Kayaking around Fejan

This is what an adventure experience with horizon feeling may look like: You arrive by boat to the outer archipelago island of Fejan around ten, have coffee and get installed in your rooms. Next is kayaking with a lunch break facing the open Baltic. After a few hours of kayaking head back to Fejan and the sauna with a well-earned lager. This is followed by a gourmet dinner in the cosy restaurant by the guest harbour. The next day you take place at the conference table, and return to Stockholm in the late afternoon, filled with wise decisions and great perspectives.

Fejan is one hour from Stockholm in the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago. You stay in the historic quarantine station, these days a modern youth hostel-cum-hotel. From Fejan it is easy to reach small exquisite kayak waters and islands where it is great to stretch your legs for some archipelago botany and a snack. The guides will point out to you the Sea eagles and the odd, square lighthouse on the island co-owned by Finland and Sweden.

Already when you start kayaking, the horizon is near. In spite of this, the route is carefully chosen to suit the interest and capacity of beginner and expert alike. The kayaking is led by Dag Åsvärn, Commando Major, botanist and archipelago enthusiast. Most of the other guides are Dag’s friends from one, or both, of these two worlds. Against this background you may conclude that the kayaking would be swift and military, but this is not the case. The kayaking is tailored to give everybody, not only the strong kayakers, a great trip. If the water is cold, or if it is windy, an escort safety boat is used, often containing well-filled picnic baskets.

The lunch is laid out on tablecloths directly on the smooth rock. The place has been agreed beforehand by Dag and Olle and Marita Sjöblom, permanent Fejan inhabitants. When the kayaks arrive, the table is already laid in a secluded bay. You only have to sit down to enjoy something cool to drink and a sandwich with newly caught herring!

Back at Fejan the sauna is waiting. Then Dag will tell the stories about the unique cultural environment at Fejan, where sailing ships and steamers used to be kept in quarantine to hinder disease. Dag will also show some books on the archipelago, giving hints on interesting reads. Dinner is served in the rustic restaurant by the small harbour where both food, drink and the view inspire good conversation. As do of course the beams of Söderarm lighthouse in the distance.


Information & Pricing

2018-01-01 - 2018-12-31
2 days
2-50 persons
Contact Escapades
All equipment, guide, accomodation, meals and beverages
Youth hostel/hotel standard.
Able to swim 200 m.

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