Kayak conference in Nävekvarn

Undisturbed kayaking in magic Bråviken with lodging and conference facilites in old rows of cottages make the conference in the quiet village Nävekvarn an agreeable experience. The food is home-made and great, and it is wise to ask for the recipe of Nävekvarn bass. The picnic baskets are memorable too!

Nävekvarn is an old industrial village where Bråviken opens up towards the Baltic Sea. The old industrial buildings are still there, but with a modern touch. The mill owner manor with its park sits by the narrow road leading down to the small harbour. The small amusement park, which looks like a museum piece, is still there. After getting installed at the youth hostel, a huge coffee and some safety instructions, it is time to start the kayaing towards the day’s adventures.

The guide, Dag Åsvärn, likes telling tall stories from the area. Dag is a Commando major, botanist and archipelago enthusiast. Against this background you’d think that you would kayak at a frantic pace, but the kayaking is adjusted to give everybody a great trip. If the water is cold a safety boat is used.

The kayaking here is in an archipelago with very few boats. People actually wave when they see another boat – probably this habit died in the 1950s in the less empty Stockholm archipelago. Perhaps a route is picked along the Bråviken shore with its high, inaccessible and magic rock islands. Or maybe south, across the Bråviken for an exciting tour among a maze of low rock islands. Here the islands are more hospitable, and the thin forest grows even thinner as you proceed towards the last few skerries and the open sea. This is a place for Sea eagles. You disturb no one, and are disturbed by nobody.

When lunchtime is coming up, it’s time to beach the kayaks at a good spot and take a closer look at the picnic baskets.

In addition to the kayaking, it is also possible to walk along the Bråviken on the Sörmlandsleden trail passing Nävekvarn. The trail winds in the beautiful forest terrain close to the Baltic with great views towards the open sea. It can therefore be a good idea to kayak one day and hike the next.

Back at the youth hostel the dinner is great. With some luck, local fish is on the menu, and, again, the Nävekvarn bass is great. Basically, we are talking about a breaded bass fried in a pan. Towards the end, cream, vinegar and rosé pepper is added and the whole thing is served with rice. Afterwards, the evening continues in the lounge until it is time to say good night.


Information & Pricing

2 days
2-20 persons
Contact Escapades
All equipment included, guide, accomodation, food and beverages
Basic youth hostel.
Able to swim 200 m.

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