Jämtlandstriangeln on touring skis

The view is spectacular, you are travelling over mountain plateaus together with a group of friends and an experienced guide. The skis ideal for ski touring in this region are a wider and thicker than cross country skis and the boots are warmer and more substantial, while still being comfortable for use over long periods on flattish terrain.

This is one of the most popular mountain tours in Sweden. The roundtrip tour starts at Storulvån and first stop is Sylarna, the tour goes on to Blåhammaren and ends with a pleasant downhill stretch back to Storulvån.

The experience begins with a short morning tour to get acquainted with the gear before heading out to spend the next days in the mountain plains above the tree line. Late winter / early spring is the best time of year for ski touring in these parts of Sweden, with cold snow and sunny days that warms you up.

The following days on the skis vary between 12 and 16 km. You do not have to be a pro skier, but you should have some previous experience of cross-country skiing on prepared trails. At breakfast, packed lunches are prepared to be enjoyed during the day. The trip to Sylarna is in the highlands of Jämtlandsfjällen with high mountain peaks all around. The experienced guide knows this area well and teaches you all you need to know about the way of the north.

At both the Sylarna and Blåhammarens charming mountain stations a communal dinner and a nice warm sauna are waiting. If you want to drink beer or wine to go with the meal, you can buy it on-site.

It is a special feeling to fall asleep in this remote area, and to wake up to a wonderfully white and peaceful winter world. On the last day, the tour returns to Storulvån, where there will be another nice dinner before night train home.


STF Storulvån Fjällstation

Information & Pricing

STF Storulvån Fjällstation
2019-03-18 - 2019-04-25
5 325 SEK (STF-Membership price)
Full board, guide and loan of climbing skins, shovel, windsack. Ski and other winter equipment can be rented at the mountain station.
One night each in multi-bed rooms at Storulvån, Sylarna and Blåhammarens mountain stations.
Minimum age 16 years accompanied by an adult. Good basic fitness and previous experience of skiing

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