Jämtland Dog-sled Expedition

A quick-gliding expedition through the wild mountain areas of the provinces of Jämtland and Härjedalen, which has already featured in several national TV programs. The feelings that awake when you drive your dog team in this snow-white mountain world can only be summarized with two words: True happiness.

After a hearty dinner and an overnight stay at the cozy Vålådalen Mountain Lodge, it is time to acquaint yourself with the dogs and pack the sleds. We all get to know how to harness the dogs and to handle the sleds on the move. The sled dogs are very friendly and extremely keen to start running and pulling.

Tommy Bernardsson, who runs the operation, has driven dog sleds professionally since 1984 and is a Swedish champion in medium and long-distance dog sled racing. Tommy also has other experienced guides to assist him.

The dog teams travel along the zone between the mountain forest and the open areas above the timberline, passing several fine fishing lakes. There is even said to be gold in the ground here, and age-old mining pits stand witness to arduous excavation. In the Vålåstugan mountain hut, which is a comfortable self-service cabin, everyone helps to start a fire, melt snow for water and prepare dinner. Of course, the dogs also have to be fed and taken care of.

The following day, our journey continues on the open ground toward the Helags mountain massif, with a lunch stop approximately half-way, at the Ljungan shelter. The Helagsstugorna mountain huts are located at the foot of the southern-most glacier in Sweden, and the Mount Helags, the highest Swedish summit south of the Arctic Circle, standing at a proud 1,797 meters. Helags is a modern self-service cabin with food, electricity, shower, and sauna. Weather and snow conditions ultimately determine the exact choice of routes, but the plan is for the sled journey to continue toward the Fältjägarstugan and Gåsenstugan mountain huts, which are robust and charming overnight cabins. Gåsenstugan, at 1,100 meters elevation, is the highest point during the trip, with a fine view towards the Helags and Sylarna mountains. From here, the route travels downhill toward the alpine birch forests and back to the Vålådalen Mountain Lodge, where a shower and dinner await. And a very nice sauna for those who like.

Åre Sleddog Adventures

Information & Pricing

Åre Sleddog Adventures
2018-03-24 - 2018-04-20
7 days
4-8 persons
14 600 SEK
Accommodation, all meals, guide and your own dog-sled with 4-5 dogs. Warm overall and boots for rent.
Two nights at the Vålådalen Mountain Lodge and four nights in comfortable STF Mountain huts.
None. Reasonably good condition.

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