Ice climbing in Ristafallet

In western Jämtland you will find one of Sweden's largest waterfalls. In winter, the waterfalls transform in to walls of ice, which is particularly suitable for those who want to try ice climbing for the first time. Every winter, ice-caves is formed in the area, perfect for chilling adventure and by the shoreline, if you are lucky, you will find fresh otter tracks.

Under the guidance of Jope Fors & Fjäll's experienced climbing guides, you will learn how to safely get up to just over five meters high on an ice wall. Equipped with an ice axe, crampons and secured in a harness and climbing rope, it becomes a real physical challenge framed by beautiful winter views with frozen ice falls, free water and imaginative snow formations that differs every other year.

After the climb, there is the opportunity to explore and discover a handful of slippery ice caves, which in some cases connects to natural limestone caves.

JoPe Fors & Fjäll

Information & Pricing

JoPe Fors & Fjäll
Guide and necessary ice climbing equipment
Not included.
Minimum age 12 years and at least moderate fitness. Boots compatible with crampons, such as ski boots, sturdy gloves and warm jacket is needed Company info

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