Guiding Exclusive – Fishing for sea trout on Gotland

With an expert angling guide in the party, your chances of hooking a prized sea trout are maximized. Furthermore, along the coast of Gotland, you are fishing in a virtually undisturbed environment.

With 800 km of coast, there is never any shortage of space. The sea trout fishing on Gotland is a total experience for anyone who enjoys challenges. Anglers wade in shallow water, using spinning, reel or fly-fishing equipment. Experienced guides specialized in the different techniques are on hand to assist. Sea trout in the sea around Gotland are healthy sizes and can be fished over an extended period each year; furthermore, they breed naturally, i.e., they are wild rather than farmed.

You are picked up from a pre-arranged meeting place near Visby. Weather and wind determine the day’s fishing site, and it may involve trying a number of different spots. The dramatic Gotland coastline with its smooth chalky sea-bed and areas of reef and sea vegetation make the fishing challenging and continuously surprising.

The arranger, FishYourDream.com, has a long-term perspective and is deeply committed to fish management on Gotland. The guides are happy to talk about the biology of the sea trout and the unique conditions on the island. ‘Catch and release’ is recommended for all fish that is not destined for the evening’s dinner table. If you are a complete novice, you get assistance with everything from fishing equipment to casting techniques.

Reel equipment and waders are available for hire. Traditional coastal fishing equipment is used, with quite a soft 9/10-foot rod and reel or spinning rod, with nylon or braided line. Coast wobbler or spoon bait in bright colors are often successful. You can also use a fly-fishing rod for sea trout with, for example, a class 7-8 rod with a large reel and plenty of room for backing.

FishYourDream Gotland

Information & Pricing

FishYourDream Gotland
1 day
Minimum 3 persons
1 550 SEK
Fishing guide 8 hours, spin fishing gear or fly fishing gear (let us know when you book if you need any) Lunch cooked over open fire with soft drink, coffee or tea, snacks and transports
Not included

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