Golden Eagle watching with Wild Nordic

It's something really special when a golden eagle comes in for a landing only a few meters in front of you. To see an eagle up close from a hide, with their huge wingspan and beautiful markings is an extraordinary experience.

You gather in the morning at the Wild Nordic photo gallery for coffee and practical information. After walking a short distance through the woods, the guide shows you to the hide, and on your own, you begin the exciting wildlife watching. Look out for different types of woodpecker, eagles and small birds. The fox can even tiptoe past and squirrels often jump around between the trees.

The hide has 9 "photo windows", bunk beds, gas heater, and a simple toilet.

Wild Nordic

Information & Pricing

Wild Nordic
2019-12-01 - 2020-03-08
1 day
Max. 4 pers.
1900 SEK/pers.
Accommodation the night before. Tea/coffee on arrival. Transportation to and from the photo gallery. A full day in the hide. Binoculars. Warm slippers. Reuseable hand/feet warmer. Bird book.

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