Full evening moose safari

When dusk falls, the forest comes to life. The moose wakes from his sleep to find food in the open fields. As a guest in the forest you have to be vigilant, moose are usually quiet and still.

In the deep forests of Bergslagen, lives Europe's largest land animal, the moose (or elk in British English), in its natural state. Together with one of Sweden’s most experienced wilderness guides, you now have the chance to meet these mighty animals in their wild habitat.

We meet up late in the afternoon and head to a nearby lake where we gather at the campsite. The guide begins with an information session on moose, and what we can do to increase our chance of seeing wildlife during the evening’s safari. In the meantime, we’ll eat our evening meal - made of local ingredients - with a warm cup of coffee or tea. Then it’s time for the evening’s adventure in the woods, filled with plenty of moose and other wildlife. When dusk falls, the forest comes to life, and the moose leaves his daytime resting spot to search for food. We ourselves will wander, or rather sneak as quietly as possible, along the tracks left by the animal’s footprints. Barely visible paths lead into the deep forest and take us to the moose’s living room. If we are silent and watchful, we are almost always rewarded with a close and exclusive encounter with the king of the forest.

Then, when dusk turns to night, it’s time to leave the forest. On the way back, we take the opportunity to scout the surroundings from the minibus and arrive back at our starting point once darkness has fallen. Surrounded by the night forest, with its wild animals, it is time to say goodbye. But, the hare, bear, wolf, small birds, ants, badger, squirrel and beaver send their greetings to you and your friends and wish you a warm welcome back!


Information & Pricing

5 hours
1 450 SEK
Moose safari at dusk and wilderness dinner.
Not included
None. Recommended minimum age is 8 years

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