Fly-fishing trip on an Icelandic horse

On an Icelandic horse with a fly-fishing rod strapped to the saddlebags, you ride in the magnificent terrain of Vindelfjällen. Here in the mountain ponds, the trout and arctic char fishing is in absolute world class. The guide Osvald Jonsson provides valuable tips for unexperienced riders and has excellent knowledge about the where you’ll be able to catch fish.

The first day trip to the horse goes through unobtrusive and beautiful mountain terrain to the Sami homestead Tjaskal, where fishing for arctic char and trout takes place in small sparkling ponds where the birch forest and the high mountains meets. This is the perfect time to practise the art of fly fishing. A dinner is served before it is time to crawl into the sleeping bags inside the homestead.

After breakfast the next morning, the rides continue up on the high mountains, past the Marsivagge bird sanctuary.This is the perfect place to spot ptarmigans, buzzards and if you are lucky, the golden eagle. The ride continues through the beautiful Skebleskalet high-mountain valley, where accommodation takes place in a wooden tipi surrounded by a larger system of lakes. The fish here occurs in both running and still water. The Skeble lakes are an example of healthy fishery management, thanks to the goodwill and ambition of Grans Sami community, which voluntarily abandoned all fishing with fishing nets in the lakes to secure that high-quality fly-fishing is maintained. After dinner, you will enjoy “kokkaffe”, strong coffee boiled over an open fire which contributes to the good atmosphere!

After a few days at the Lakes of Skeble, it is time to break up and return to Ammarnäs. The ride goes through the valley of the Skebleskalet and now, if not before, there is an opportunity to try the island horse's signum: tölt.

Fjällhästen AB

Information & Pricing

Fjällhästen AB
Horse with packing equipment, riding and fishing guide, fishing license, full board including welcome dinner and ending dinner at Ammarnäs Wärdshus.
Two nights at Fjällhästen's hostel in Ammarnäs, one night in an sami homestead, 3 nights in wooden tipi on air mattress.
Riding experience, good physical shape. 15 - 55 years, or by appointment. Max 90 kg. Know the basics of fly fishing.

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