Fly fishing course at Fulufjället

Fly fishing is all about technique, but it’s not impossible to learn - even for those who have never held a fishing rod. In the trout-rich waters at the foot of Mt. Fulufjället, you learn the fly fishing basics. After the course, you can book an extra night with dawn fishing and test your skills in this noble art, which came to Scandinavia with wealthy Englishmen more than a century ago.

Far away Fulufjället’s bare plateau is visible. There, in one of Sweden’s newest national parks, the mighty Dal River has one of its many headwaters. Fulan River passes right by the Nordic Footprints camp, and it is here in the region between Sälen and Särna that the summer fly fishing courses are held.

The course is conducted with a maximum of four people per fishing guide. Small groups, personal commitment and a good fishing environment ensure that even pure novices have time to learn about casting techniques, choice of flies and other tricks of the noble art of fly fishing. The course also includes all necessary equipment. Samuel Jakoby and the other guides not only have extensive experience - they have all been fishing since childhood and/or attended various accredited training programs around the country - they also love sharing everything they know about fly fishing.

Fishing is done mainly for grayling in streams and calmer waters. The grayling, which is a typical insectivore, is a good fish on which to start practising. The surroundings are made up of beautiful old growth forests with towering firs and pines. For the sake of the grayling and trout population, almost all fish caught are released back into the river which few fisherman ever seem to find.

But memorable wilderness experiences are not just about learning how a fly fishing rod is handled. It is equally important to enjoy the food, nature and company. Lunch could be a wilderness-inspired risotto sizzling on griddles beside the Rapid's beach. Or the evening’s two-course dinner could be a feast of wild boar steaks and chocolate cake. Spending a few moments in the wood-fired sauna with a subsequent dip in the Fulan River makes this excursion a lasting memory. Accommodation consists of two cabins with double or family rooms complete with modern bunk beds.

Nordic Footprints fly fishing courses are also a great option for those who can already fly fish but would like to develop their skills and brush up on their basic casting technique. Once there, in the tranquil forests by the Dal River, we recommend you stay for an additional night with dawn fishing. This allows you to practice your newly learned skills in the wild and untamed rivers on your own or in the company of one of the camp's guides.

Nordic Footprints

Information & Pricing

Nordic Footprints
2019-05-18 - 2019-07-17
2 days
1-8 persons
3 495 SEK
Fly fishing course with experienced guide, all necessary equipment and permits, accommodation in a double room with linens, sauna, dinner, breakfast and lunch.
Single bed in a double room or family room in a cabin at Camp Nordic Footprint.
No. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

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