Lunch Tour, Dog-sledding in Hälsingland

The sled’s runners hiss against the snow, and the sun hangs low in the sky. The shadows of the trees spread over the snow-covered swamp like silver streams. The only thing you can hear is the panting of the dogs and the sound of soft paws, making their way through the pristine snow.

Usually, you share a team of 5-6 dogs with another participant, and you take turns driving and sitting on the sled. Before the tour, you get precise instructions from experienced guides, who always go first and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Here, nobody is pressed for time, and there are no obligations; you become one with the dogs who are working in harmony with nature.

The trip takes you through the woods and over frozen lakes. Only extremely rarely does one come across other people in this area. When it feels right, there is a break for lunch, perhaps grilled sausages and something warm to drink while the dogs have a rest.



Sweden Husky Tours

Information & Pricing

Sweden Husky Tours
2020-01-15 -
1 day
Max 10 persons
1 650 SEK
Guide, dog-team and wilderness lunch.
Accommodation is not included, but can be booked in the area.

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