Dog sledding in Norway and Sweden

Cosy mountain stations with good food and a nice sauna are the goal for each day's journey on this expedition, where you will learn how to drive your dog sled. You need no previous experience!

You will receive an introduction to dog mushing among snow-capped mountains and will learn how to harness the dogs, handle the dog team and steer the sled. This takes place after a hearty dinner and a comfortable night at Storulvåns Mountain Lodge. As soon as the sleds are packed, it's off. In quick time!

Each sled is drawn by 4-5 lively dogs, and a day's journey is between 20 and 25 km long. The journey takes you through the tree-line's white expanses with Sylarnas mighty mountain massif in the background. The first goal is Blåhammaren's rustic mountain lodge, located on a slope and known for its delicious food served in a dining room with a view. There is also a sauna and shower. Everyone helps to dig a shelter for the dogs, putting up long wires with room for ten dogs at each and giving the dogs food and water. They quickly become affectionate friends.

After breakfast the following morning, the journey continues across the border river Enan into Norway. The objective here is the mountain station Storeriksvollen, once a mountain pasture but now a cozy mountain lodge with great views of lake Essan and the mountains. Here, the expedition stops for two nights and you are offered hearty meals and a nice shower.

The terrain varies between sparse birch forest and bare mountain. Several great fishing lakes are crossed during the journey and those who want, get the opportunity to try ice fishing. Then, the tour goes back to Sweden, towards Sylarnas mighty mountain massif with Sylarnas Mountain Station below its highest peak, which measures 1 743 meters. Sauna, shower and a good dinner await even at this mountain station.

The last leg of the journey takes you back to Storulvåns Mountain Lodge, where it’s time for a sauna and farewell dinner. At this time of the year, the reindeer might come up from the forests, and with luck, some reindeer herds can be seen from a distance. The pace is gentle in such areas as not to frighten the animals.

Tommy Bernhardsson, who runs the business, has driven dog sleds professionally since 1984 and is a Swedish champion in middle and long distance. For assistance, Tommy also has other experienced guides.

Åre Sleddog Adventures

Information & Pricing

Åre Sleddog Adventures
2020-04-04 - 2020-04-10
7 days
4-8 persons
17 400 SEK
Accommodation, all meals from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 7, experienced guide and your own team of four to six dogs. Warm overalls and sturdy boots are available for hire.
In a shared room in Norwegian and Swedish mountain stations.
None. Decent stamina.

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