Dog Sled Tour with lunch in Jämtland

You can choose whether you prefer to drive the dog sled or would rather sit warmly bundled up on the sled. Either way, this journey takes you through the beautiful Vålådalen Nature Reserve in the Western Jämtland Mountains.

After gathering at the cozy Vålådalen Mountain Resort, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the dogs and pack the sleds, one sled per family. Those who wish can learn how to harness the dogs and drive the sled. The others sit on reindeer hides on the sled. The dogs are usually very keen to get going and soon only the rushing silence can be heard as the party takes off across the snow.

Tommy Bernhardsson, who operates the business, has been driving dog sleds professionally since 1984 and is the Swedish champion in medium and long-distance dog sledding. He naturally has other experienced guides to assist him.

The sleds travel along the border between the alpine forest and the open area above the tree line, passing several excellent fishing lakes. In the beautiful snow-clad mountain wilderness. This tour includes a lunch stop at Bergstugan.

Åre Sleddog Adventures

Information & Pricing

Åre Sleddog Adventures
Winter 2019 - 2020
Tuesdays 11:00 - 15:30
3-20 persons
2 200 SEK
Guide, dog-sled with 4-5 dogs, and lunch.
Not included.

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