Day kayak delight

The soft sea breeze dries your hair, it evaporates saltwater from your arms and leaves a white salty dust. You silently glide through a spectacular marine seascape of islets, rippling waves and squeaking sea birds. You need no prior experience to enjoy kayaking in these calm waters.

Describing kayaking here as idyllic is an understatement. The water ways wind through nature reserves with forests of lime, elm and oak. It is simply enough to just glide slowly through this world teeming with bird life and devoid of noisy civilisation. Sea gulls squeak and hover above you as you paddle through narrow passages and close to steep cliffs. Herons, ducks and waders are spotted. In some places cattle and horses graze along the shore. Behind them old picturesque houses are tucked away between the rocks. This kayak tour is a picnic and a thrill, easy and fun. And you will always find a nice place to eat the food you brought along.


Information & Pricing

2017-05-01 - 2017-09-30
1 day
4-8 persons
900 SEK
Kayak with equipment, life jacket, paddle instruction, experienced guides. Please bring your own picnic or order it from the tour operator!
Not included.