Cooking course at a sheep farm

Learn new lamb recipes and stuff your own sausages for the holidays at Bitterna Åkatorp sheep farm in the scenic province of Västergötland. You can also try your hand at wool and leather craftwork or book an introduction to lamb carving. Take a long stroll through the picturesque landscape surrounding the farm, enjoy a massage or just kick back and relax.

The landscape of open meadows and pastures are trimmed by the farms grazing black Merino sheep, an endangered breed with extraordinarily fine wool. Today, Bitterna Åkatorp has at least 40 of the approximately 300 black Merino sheep left in Sweden.

The sheep and their lambs are also the basis for the farm's own food production and the cooking classes feature the lamb, chops, homemade sausages and other delights produced on the farm. With help from your hosts Lars and Monica Renström, you and the other participants learn how best to use and prepare the different cuts of lamb. You can also book an introductory course on lamb carving. The meat is then divided between the participants to take home.

The farm's surroundings, including Hackeberg's Forest, offer leisurely walks in the morning or before the evening's dinner. For even more relaxation, you have access to a sauna and can book a massage or late evening dip in the jacuzzi.

Complete your culinary adventure with a visit to Bitterna Åkatorp's farm shop. Here, you can buy fresh and smoked lamb, sausages and various leather crafts. These local delicacies make for great memories and unique gifts for friends and family. Arrive the evening prior and pay SEK 595 extra for afternoon coffee and dinner and overnight stay with breakfast.

Bitterna Åkatorp

Information & Pricing

Bitterna Åkatorp
Full board and lodging (lunch, dinners and breakfast), guide and materials.
In double rooms at the Bitterna Åkatorp.

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