Conference at a Sami farm

Here every guest becomes a member of the family. Come by yourself, with friends or with your colleagues from work. The silence belongs here; there is no-one around and not even mobile phone coverage. The wood-fired sauna on the shore of an arctic lake is one of the country’s finest.

On a headland where the mountain drops steeply into a clear lake lies Geunja, a newly built Sami farm which is run entirely in the traditional way.
Reindeer skins, hand-forged nails, hand-chopped logs, a turf roof and walls sealed with moss are just some of the authentic details. Geunja is heated with wood-burning fireplaces and lit by kerosene lamps and candles. This is how many Samis and settlers lived in the 19th century - although they may not always have had vintage wine out of hand blown glasses with their chanterelle soup!
Go along with the Vinka family and learn to snare grouse, meet reindeer, grill freshly-caught arctic char over an open fire and listen to stories about Sapmi – the land of the Sami in front of the warming slate stove.
Geunja is a meeting-place in the heart of one of Europe’s largest protected natural areas, the Vindelfjäll nature reserve. There are still places here where nobody has ever set foot.

Geunja Samisk Fjällgård – Lapplandsafari

Information & Pricing

Geunja Samisk Fjällgård – Lapplandsafari
3 days
4 - 12 persons
Contact Geunja
Transportation to Geunja from Ammarnäs village, all meals, the Vinka family’s hospitality and guiding. It is not necessary to buy equipment (scooter overalls, sleeping-bag, etc.) to stay at Geunja. Lapplandsafari will lend you what you need.
On reindeer skins and an arctic birch-twig bed in a traditional turf cot or in a comfortable bed with sheets in a heated cabin.

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