Canoe package: Canoeing in the Svartådalen valley

Canoeing trip for two, the whole family or a bunch of close friends through Svartådalen's countryside, with plenty of time for a picnic and lovely breaks. Also, a trip with tasteful local food experiences and two nights in a newly renovated 18th-century log cabin "The old cottage" or Eden Gardens more spacious holiday villa.

Canoeing downstream at a relaxed pace you have three different options of varying length. The shortest route is about 10 km and takes no more than three hours, while the more energetic can choose a starting point that lies further upstream from Edens Garden.

In spring, you will travel along budding greenery, accompany by birds singing and the opportunity to spot both the eagle and black tern and maybe even listen to the Corncrake putting up an evening concert along the way.

Paddling over lake Fläcksjön and down Svartån is also a way to enjoy different local delights, such as evening grill on the shore with vegetable skewers, hamburgers made from the organic meat of local cattle, fresh bread, and traditional old-fashioned soft drink.

Edens Garden – Tourist Activities

Information & Pricing

Edens Garden – Tourist Activities
3 dagar
2-8 personer
2 495 SEK
Two nights (bed linen and towels included) with breakfast (2x), picnic basket (1x), lunch basket (1x) and grill dinner (1x), canoe with equipment and map, introductions, and transport to the starting point of the canoe trip.
In a newly renovated 18th-century log cabin or a more spacious holiday villa.
None expect the ability to swim

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